Last Updated March 13, 2018

Enhancement 2018

New Page Layout view in all products

GeoStudio now offers a Page Layout view for improved presentation of models and results.  After setting up an analysis, you can switch to the Page Layout view and specify the page size and orientation for printing.  The model can be displayed in Page Layout view at any scale, and the scale can be added to the page as dynamic text.  Pictures, text, and lines can be sketched in Page Layout, independent of the analysis currently in view.  The Page Layout configuration can be saved as a template or an existing Page Layout configuration can be imported into the current file for consistent presentation of model results in multiple project files.

Enhanced Model view in all products

Model View is now an infinite space, so the page and problem extents no longer need to be defined. You can simply jump to any coordinate in model space by using the coordinate prompt in the status bar, and start drawing the model domain. Grid lines and colored reference lines through the origin are displayed to assist with visualization. The new ‘Pan’ functionality (hand icon in the status bar) allows you to easily move around the model space. The status bar displays the current scale when zooming in and out. The reference scale, which is the scale that font sizes are based on, can be modified in Set – Units and Scale.

Improved printing capabilities

GeoStudio now offers the ability to print multiple analyses at once.  You may also print directly from the new Page Layout view.  Print Preview lets you see what will be printed before sending the job to the printer.

Assign properties across a set of analyses

Material properties and boundary conditions can be assigned to multiple analyses at once using the new ‘Apply to multiple analyses’ dropdown in the Draw Materials and Draw Boundary Conditions windows.  Any set of analyses may be selected.  By right-clicking the analysis list, a menu appears allowing quick selection or deselection of multiple analyses.  When the material property or boundary condition is drawn, it will be added to all of the selected analyses at once, eliminating the need to do similar assignments in individual analyses.  This function is also able to assign beams and bars to multiple stress analyses.

Replace properties in multiple SLOPE/W analyses

Properties or objects from one SLOPE/W analysis can be easily replaced in multiple SLOPE/W analyses using the new ‘Replace in Analyses’ feature under the KeyIn menu.  You can quickly apply modifications of one analysis to other SLOPE/W analyses in the project file.

Enhanced material property table

The material property table formatting has been improved to include colors, borders, and better column alignment.

Improved sketch functionality

The new ‘Modify Sketch Properties’ command allows you to modify the properties of text, lines, dimension, circles and arcs after they are defined.  In the Modify Sketch window, you can specify the properties of an object and whether the object is only displayed in the current analysis.