Last Updated March 13, 2018


Repute® provides a rich set of tools for designing/analysing onshore piles, including:

  • various types of single pile, using current and historical design standards (such as Eurocode 7 & BS 8004)
  • pile groups under generalized 3-dimensional loading, using linear or non-linear soil models

Repute was the first design program to deal efficiently with soil non-linearity, avoiding exaggerated stresses and consequential high loads and bending moments at pile-group corners. This lead to greatly improved designs and savings in construction costs. Repute has been used to design foundations for the iconic Wembley Arch and for the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai. Repute 2 adds the ability to analyse pile groups subject to torque.

Design capabilities have been further extended to cater for ultimate and serviceability limit state design of single piles, to Eurocode 7 and its various National Annexes. Designs can be fine-tuned by changing the algorithms used in the calculations and factors applied to ensure reliability can be adjusted to suit local practice.

Repute’s slick user interface makes projects easy to setup and modify. Specialized wizards help to speed up this process and an extensive reporting system provides high-quality printed output.

The program incorporates the latest boundary-element calculation engine, PGroupN, developed by Dr Francesco Basile and licensed from his company, Geomarc.

Repute 2 is available in three editions:

  • Standard (for single-pile design)
  • Professional (for pile-group analysis)
  • Enterprise (for both)

Otte is the Sole Singapore Repute distributor as well as the Sole Malaysia Repute distributor. You may contact us regarding any queries about Repute or any other Geocentrix Products.