Last Updated March 13, 2018

What's New in Repute 2

Feature v1.x v2
Professional Enterprise
Design of single piles
Validation Yes Yes Yes
Longitudinal ULS (ultimate limit state) calculation Yes
Fleming’s analysis Yes
Randolph’s analysis Yes
Design of pile groups
Boundary element analysis Yes Improved! Improved!
Analysis of torque (torsion) Yes Yes
Smoothing of soil data Yes Improved! Improved!
User Interface
Live Drawing Board with separate cross-section, elevation, and plan views Yes Yes
Project Manager providing easy navigation of items, using drag-drop capabilities Yes Yes
Stockyard containing over 100 ready-to-use engineering items Yes Yes
Property Inspector providing quick access to properties of all engineering items Yes Improved! Improved!
Workbook displaying results of all calculations in drill-down fashion Yes Yes
Graph Paper displaying results in easily-customized visual form Yes Improved! Improved!
Reporter providing printer-friendly output Yes Improved! Improved!
User-customizable reports Yes
Browser provides convenient access to web-based program information Yes Yes Yes
Message Board collects all program-generated messages together Yes Improved! Improved!
Ribbon interface simplifies program manipulation and navigation Yes Yes
Project Wizard Yes Yes
Conversion Wizard Yes Yes
Creation Wizards: Borehole, Action and Calculation Yes Yes
Creation Wizard: Pile Group Wizard, Action and Calculation Yes Improved! Improved!
General Engineering Capabilities
Support for bored and driven H piles Yes Yes Yes
Support for driven square and augered piles Yes
Extensive range of concrete grades to select from (C16/20 to C50/60) Yes Yes
Extensive range of steel grades to select from (S235 to S450 and Advance grades) Yes Yes
Extensive range of bearing piles to select from (UKBP sections) Yes Yes
Extensive set of algorithms to allow customization of design calcuations Yes
Design rules from British and European standards (including Eurocode 7) Yes
Combination of actions Yes Yes
Extensive range of soil types supported Yes Improved! Improved!