Last Updated July 17, 2017


Standard Sections

Any cross-section can be easily created in CSiCOL. Define reinforced concrete rectangular and circular sections. Add holes and cutouts of arbitrary shape anywhere on the cross-section.

Complex Sections

More than 50 parametric shapes, defined by simple dimensions and more than 3000 standard steel shapes, are ready to be used in composite columns. Explode and edit parametric shapes and draw arbitrary shapes using the polygon drawing tool. Users can merge parametric or drawn shapes to create complex new shapes.

Holes and Cutouts

Shapes can be assigned “hole” properties and placed in other shapes to create complex voided sections.


Add rebars of any size anywhere in the cross-section and use individual, corner, side, perimeter, linear, and circular distribution tools to distribute bars appropriately. Use the Rebar Calculator to define rebars and find equivalent sizes. Rebars can be placed at arbitrary locations and arrangements using several alignment and distribution tools.

Editing Sections

Use resizing tools to change dimensions interactively. Move, flip, mirror, and rotate to place cross-section and shapes in desired location. Use stacking and alignment to combine shapes and edit shape nodes to modify existing shapes.

Steel Stress-Strain Curves

Use different stress curves to model various materials and properties, from simple linear and rectangular stress blocks to parabolic curves.