Last Updated October 9, 2019


CSiPlant is an integrated engineering software product for analysis and design of piping systems and frame structures, including piping code compliance checks with stress-intensification and flexibility factors that are automatically calculated and applied.

CSiPlant offers advanced analysis technology to piping and structural engineers working in the process, power, pipeline and offshore industries.


Unlimited nonlinear load sequencing

Since friction acts in different directions during startup vs. shutdown and other load states, sequenced loading, including sequenced thermal loading and unloading, is often needed to determine worst case reactions and stresses.

Convenient to check for buckling during design

Using both Eigen buckling and nonlinear large displacement buckling analysis options, buckling cannot be a design concern in a number of different piping applications.

Design requests

Different parts of the piping network can be analysed and designed using different design and design-related options.

Nonlinear time history analyse easily

Piping stress models routinely include nonlinear friction, gaps, and/or multilinear springs for a more accurate analysis. Using nonlinear analysis eliminates the need to linearize nonlinear boundary conditions.

Comprehensive integration

CSiPlant allows for integration between piping stress and structural analysis programs. Import detailed SAP2000 structural analysis models into CSiPlant and auto-connect to the piping stress model for coupled nonlinear analysis and design.

Higher drawing capabilities

Piping and structural frame models can be rapidly created and modified using CAD-like drafting tools which snap to objects, grid intersections and global axes.