Last Updated January 18, 2018

Enhancement 2016

Slab Design And Post Tensioning

ETABS 2016 now gives users the ability to perform slab design with post-tensioning.

Integrated Strip Moment and Shear Diagrams

Integrated moment, shear, and torsion for design strips displayed onscreen and reported in tables.

Modeling of PT Tendons

Model PT tendons and allow consideration of post-tensioning in the design of concrete slabs within ETABS.

Slab Design Based on Strips

Model slab design strips that can be used for concrete slab design, within ETABS. American, European, British, Canadian, along with several additional international codes are available.

Punching Shear Check

Punching-shear design checks in concrete slabs at columns and load locations specified by the user. Overwrites for punching perimeters can be added as well as specifying openings which affect the perimeter but are not explicitly modeled.

Crack Width Display

ETABS can now display slab cracked-width based on Eurocode 2-2004.

Modeling Enhancements

Add Insertion Point Assignments to Slab or Wall Elements

Apply thickness overwrites on a joint-by-joint basis, allowing slabs and walls to have non-uniform thicknesses. Joint offsets can also be applied.

Soil Profile Data For Soil Structure Interaction Of Footings

Interface Added to Define Soil Profile Data for Soil-Structure Interaction of Footings

Generate spring and dashpot properties under footing to model soil-structure interaction.

Analysis Enhancements

Automated Floor Vibration Analysis for Heel Drop Effects for Long Spans

Define vibration analysis paths on floor slabs, along with parameters defining demand and capacity. Automated time-history analysis is performed for each case.

Creep & Shrinkage

Creep and shrinkage behavior now includes the effect of rebar to reduce axial shortening of columns and walls.

Output And Display Enhancements

Story Plots

Animated plot shows story accelerations, drifts, shears and overturning moments together on the same plot for time history and nonlinear static load cases.