Last Updated October 8, 2019

ETABS 18.0 | 18.0.1 | 18.0.2 Enhancements

New Database Tables

  • Tables have been expanded to completely define the model and results.
  • Most model-definition tables can be edited interactively.
  • Tables can be exported in Excel, Access, Text, or XML formats.


Enhanced control is now available for the stiffness and damping of nonlinear link objects.

Performance-Based Design

Line and quadrilateral strain gauges can be defined, along with acceptance criteria, for measuring deformation, shear, and rotation (Ultimate level).


  • Faster frame and wall design for all design codes and materials when considering many load combinations.
  • Faster creation of the analysis model when previously meshed shell objects do not need to be re-meshed.
  • Reduced size of results stored for direct-integration time-history load cases.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Starting with ETABS v18, the API will be compatible with future major versions of ETABS until the API itself requires a breaking change.

A new cross-product API is available that will work with CSI products ETABS, SAP2000, and CSiBridge.