Last Updated January 18, 2018



SAFE offers a variety of templates for quickly starting a new model including flat slabs, two-way slabs, basemats, waffle slabs, ribbed slabs, and single or combined footings.

Model Views

View and manipulate analytical model with great precision.

Drawing Tools

Many drawing and drafting utilities are built into SAFE to enhance the engineer’s modeling experience. Users will find that many of the common industry standard shortcuts and controls are also available in SAFE.

Object Based Meshing

Object based meshing generates meshes based on the specified maximum element size. It will mesh parallel and perpendicular to the longest edge, grid system, or area local axes and will aim to maintain good element aspect ratios.

Dimension Lines

Dimension lines can be drawn on the SAFE model in both architectural or decimal units. They are linked to the objects that they are referencing so if the size of the object changes, so will the dimension line.