Last Updated July 19, 2017

webMathematica 3.3 based on Mathematica 10 and thus has countless innovations from diverse topics on:
  • Machine Learning
  • Geometric Calculations
  • Solution of differential equations
  • Mathematical Structures
  • Structured and semantic data
  • Extensions of the core language
  • Geographical calculations
  • Time-based calculations
  • Analysis of random processes
  • Visualization and Graphics
  • Image processing
  • Technical calculations
  • Software Engineering
  • Connectivity

System Requirement

webMathematica Kernel Manager

An important part of webMathematica is the kernel manager, which calls Mathematica in a robust, efficient, and secure manner. The manager maintains pools of one or more Mathematica kernels; by maintaining more than one kernel, the manager can process more than one request at a time. Each pool takes care of launching and initializing its kernels.

When a request is received for a computation, a kernel process is utilized to process the request and, upon completion, is returned to its pool. If any computation exceeds a preset amount of time, the kernel process is shut down and restarted. When the server is shut down, all of the kernel processes are also shut down. These features maximize the performance and stability of the server.