Geocentrix Repute - Intelligent pile design and analysis

Repute 2’s Drawing Board

The Drawing Board
The Drawing Board provides a scaled representation of the selected scenario, in one of three orientations:

  • Cross-section
  • Plan
  • Elevation

The drawing can be dragged around the Drawing Board using the mouse and its scale adjusted using the mouse wheel.
When items are selected on the Drawing Board, they are automatically highlighted in the Project Manager and their properties displayed in the Property Inspector. A separate soil column in the left-hand margin displays the borehole, its layers, and soils.
Repute 2 synchronizes panels so that when an item is modified in the Property Inspector, it is automatically updated on the Drawing Board.
The Drawing Board tab
When displayed on the Desktop, the Drawing Board has its own contextual tab (bottom picture), which provides commands that control its appearance. These allow you to turn on or off the origin lines and grid points.