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S111E: ETABS v18 Hands-on Training I (Singapore)

<p class=”course-section-header”><strong>COURSE OBJECTIVE</strong></p>
This is an advanced level course on using ETABS to perform linear and nonlinear analysis to facilitate detailed design of a Building Structure
This course will assume participants had attended the ETABS I course and will focus more on using the advanced features of ETABS for detailed analysis of building.
Limited registration and small class sizes allow for interaction with the instructor, and in-person courses allow additional time for discussion, exercises and Q&amp;A.
Pre-requisite needed: ETABS Hands-On Training I (S111E) or ETABS Hands-on Training (S110E).

<p class=”course-section-header”><strong>COURSE OUTLINE</strong></p>
Introduction to ETABS advanced featuresDirect Analysis of Structures
•  Dynamic analysis
•  Nonlinear analysis
•  Performance based design
•  P-delta (P-δ and P-Δ) with Large displacement
•  Modelling for Imperfection
•  Direct Analysis Method (DAM) for Steel Framing
Overview of Crack Section propertiesSequential Construction Analysis
•  Stiffness modifier for Frame and Shell
•  Crack displacement analysis
•  Display crack widths for Slab
•  Auto Sequential Analysis
•  User defined Sequential Analysis
•  Time Dependent Material Properties
•  Design of transfer system
  ◦ Transfer beam and column
  ◦ Transfer wall
Advanced Modelling toolsIntroduction to Nonlinear Analysis
•  Creating elements through extrusion
  ◦ Curve beam, ramp and circular wall

•  Section Cut for Shell Force/Moment
  ◦ Slab forces
  ◦ Wall forces

•  Constraints for offset connections
•  Virtual Works Diagram to understand structural response
•  Nonlinear frame elements
•  Nonlinear wall elements
•  Nonlinear links
Understanding Structural StabilityIntroduction to Dynamic Analysis
•  Standard Solver for detailed reporting
•  Effects of Rigid and Semi-Rigid Diaphragm
•  Modelling of “Membrane Walls“
•  SDOF and MDOF system
•  Time History Analysis
  ◦ Effects of Resonance
  ◦ Effects of Damping
Understanding Modal AnalysisSeismic Analysis Building
•  Mode Shapes
•  Mass source definition
•  Fundamental Periods and Frequencies
•  Building lateral stiffness in terms of Fundamental Period
•  Equivalent Lateral Force Method
•  Response Spectrum Analysis
•  Time History Analysis

<p class=”course-section-header”><strong>TERMS AND CONDITIONS</strong></p>

<li>Due to limited seats of 10, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Training seats will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.</li>
<li>Cancellation of registration notice must be made in writing if you are unable to attend. Course fees refund as follows:
<li>Notice received 14 days prior to course date – 90% refund.</li>
<li>Notice received 7 days prior to course date – 75% refund.</li>
<li>Cancellation will not be accepted if notice is received less than 7 days before the event; but a substitute delegate is welcomed at no extra charge.</li>

<p class=”course-section-header”><strong>NOTES</strong></p>
<span style=”color: #b40421;”><strong>SafeEntry Checkpoints required and Social Distancing Rules applies.</strong></span>

<li>Early-bird fees only valid for registrations received by <strong>21 October 2020</strong>.</li>
<li>20% discount for registration of a group of 3 and above. This 20% discount is <strong>not applicable to Early-bird registration</strong>.</li>
<li>Participants are <strong>required to bring their own laptops</strong> with support for <strong>WiFi connection</strong> and <strong>Windows System</strong>.</li>
<li>Training License will be provided.</li>


Nov 04 - 05 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Pemimpin Drive #10-11
One Pemimpin Singapore 576151


Otte International Pte Ltd
+65 6684 2268

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