Geocentrix ReWaRD - Embedded retaining wall design

Welcome to ReWaRD

ReWaRD is one of the leading programs for the design of embedded retaining walls, incorporating several UK and international design standards including BS 8002 and Eurocode 7.
Designed by engineers for engineers, ReWaRD draws upon the technical expertise of Geocentrix to produce the most powerful and user friendly set of tools for retaining wall design.
Features and Benefits
Ease of use
ReWaRD redefines the meaning of ease of use for engineering software, with its integrated design environment bringing unparalleled power at the click of a button. ReWaRD’s Construction Wizard helps new users create projects with the minimum of effort.
Cost effective
ReWaRD increases your productivity in next to no time. Save hours every week by simplifying the design process and reducing calculation times. Run multiple what-if scenarios to fine tune your designs. Let the program guide you through the labyrinth of clauses in international design standards.
The ability to design a wide range of concrete and steel retaining structures to one of several UK and international standards makes ReWaRD a flexible and comprehensive tool for the engineer. ReWaRD’s durability calculation provides you with a trouble-free assessment of steel corrosion rates under various environmental conditions.
Future proof
To remain effective, software must be capable of adapting over time. ReWaRD implements a range of design standards and, as these change, so future releases of ReWaRD will track their development. To ensure that ReWaRD will run on the latest operating systems, the program is written in ISO/ANSI Standard C++ and tested unders Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
The user maintains complete control over design calculations and output. Default values can be overridden, calculations customised, and the printed output tailored to the user’s precise requirements. A print preview facility ensures that what you see is what you print.
Quality assurance
ReWaRD was developed under a Software Quality Management System and has been independently tested using the procedures given in the AGS Guide to the validation and use of geotechnical software.
ReWaRD helps solve your problems with the most comprehensive design assistance of any program in its field. The package includes complete on-screen help, User and Reference Manuals in printed and electronic (Adobe Acrobat) format, the electronic version of the Corus Piling Handbook, and a series of Piling Case Studies. Technical support is available from Geocentrix on a per-incident or annual contract basis.
ReWaRD has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of practising engineers. It was the first geotechnical program to be written for Microsoft Windows and continues to break new ground in each subsequent release. Drawing on the technical expertise of Geocentrix and the practical experience of Corus, the program represents the latest and best in retaining wall design.
Speed of use
ReWaRD gives the engineer more time to produce the best possible designs. Advanced features including drag-and-drop design and object-oriented property sheets reduce the time required to create construction projects. Templates provide power users with pre-defined examples of the most common retaining structures.